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We provide air scenting solutions for small, middle sized and big spaces. Pleasant atmospheres help enhance the perception of cleanliness in your premises. We offer a wide variety of fragances that enhance the cleanliness perception in your building.

Small and middle-sized spaces.

We offer avant-garde technological equipments that use spray power and microdiffusion precision to aromatize small rooms efficiently.

Small and middle-sized spaces.

We set up the spray fragrance intervals to your needs, offering a tailored programming. Perfect for small rooms (up to 50m³ - 1,700ft³)

Small and middle-sized spaces.
AroFuser Max

With programable liquid fragrance microdiffusion technology, it is designed to satisfy our customers’ needs. Perfect for large spaces (up to 1.200m³ - 42,000ft³).

Large spaces

We provide programable equipments specially designed for an efficient aromatization through the direct diffusion of liquid fragrances to the air, or through the air conditioning ducts.

Small and middle-sized spaces.

It uses microdiffusion technology and it is specifically designed to be installed in ducts or indoors (up to 2.000m³ - 70,500ft³)

Small and middle-sized spaces.

It uses microdiffusion technology and it is specially designed to be installed in air conditioning ducts (up to 3.000m³ - 105,500ft³)

How it works?

We offer a comprehensive service including tailored advice in order to obtain aromatization suited to your needs.

Our fragances guarantee perfectly scented atmospheres, ensuring an optimal functioning over time.



It enhances hygiene perception in your premises.


It favors a posititve experience in your customers and partners providing comfort and peace.


It creates brand identity and the desire to stay.


Why it is important?

Aromatization is an evident indicator that the establishment takes care of people’s hygiene and cleanliness. Good aromatization helps place your establishment in a different position in the market. Our specialized technician team is in charge of the regular maintenance and control of each equipment , ensuring optimal results 365 days a year.

Why it is important?

Learn about all our solutions

ProHygiene offers solutions for every need, combined they make up one comprehensive solution of Comfort reinforcing its commitment to customers’ and partners’ hygiene and care.

Our comprehensive service

We enhance your premise image in an integral way, guaranteeing the correct operation of our systems 365 days a year.

We advise

We inquire about the need and offer you a customized solution.

We install

We install our equipment according to your business needs.

We guarantee

Our specialized technicians carry out regular maintenance of the systems, guaranteeing their optimal operation.

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